Speech Without Words

From the moment we are born, we communicate. Our communication with those around us is non-verbal.  We express when we are hungry, sleepy, uncomfortable, mad, happy and playful, all without the use of words.

As parents we can tell if our infant is uncomfortable, has gas or wants to play.  All of this is non-verbal communication.

Somehow along life’s path, we tend not to apply this ability.  This puts us at a tremendous disadvantage. Especially when you consider most of the communicating done in our lives is still non-verbal.

In fact 60% to 80% of our communication is done without words. But, here is the amazing thing… Although we are still communicating this way, most of us are oblivious to what is being said. Imagine missing 60 to 80% of what is said to us.

This is not some mysterious mind reading concept.  Although our brain is directing our actions, it’s not direct communication, brain to brain.  Instead it’s the Limbic system of our brain, that causes our reaction physically, through facial reactions, posture, eye movements.  This takes place without our even thinking about it.

To the trained eye, this body language can be understood as easily as what the person my say verbally. This may also be picked up by us without our ever being conscious of it.  This is when we have that gut feeling about someone.

For example, you may be interviewing babysitters for your kids. You ask your normal questions and the person might give all the right answers, but there is just something that is not right about them. You can’t put your finger on it but you have this gut feeling about her.

Well, if you do, it might be that you are subconsciously picking up on this person’s body language when she answers your questions. It is often safer to follow our gut feeling.  Our gut feeling may be our reaction to a language that never lies.  Body language.


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