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First of all, let me welcome you to my site. If you are a person who is interested in improving your communication with others, this site should contain useful information for you. As you look around the site you will note many references or links to other authoritative sites, books or articles that will also help in your study of Body Language.


As an animal lover, I have always been impressed by the fact that animals are expert readers of body language. They can tell if we are happy, sad or angry just by reading us. This is instinctively programmed in them and they react accordingly. We have this ability to some extent when we are infants. Our first experiences as a baby are all non-verbal. At that point in life, we may not yet understand higher language, but we certainly understand non-verbal communication. Yet, I’ve noticed that there are so many instances miscommunication because one party or the other is relying only on verbal communication. Why is that? — It’s just because we lose this habit if we don’t practice using it. Just as with understanding of any language, if we don’t use it we lose it.

I have had a need to understand body language for many years. Not only in many hours of volunteering as a teacher and public speaker, but also in countless meetings, presentations and interactions in my secular work. Even at home, raising 5 children, there was always a need for real honest communication.

This is where my study of body language truly helped. Not only has it helped me to understand what people are really feeling when they speak to me, and when someone is being truthful in what they are saying. It also has helped me to use body language to help reach people I speak to, one on one or in group settings.



I truly want to share what I know about this subject of body language and non-verbal communication because of the tremendous need for it. The society we live in has become highly technical. We have removed ourselves from some very important potential understanding that we all are naturally born with.

Especially in teaching, and reaching the student, we need this understanding of non-verbal communication. As parents, we need to be able to read this language in our child. Those of us who have the responsibility to take care of an older relative or parent need to understand this language.

It can tremendously improve our own environment and the lives of those around us when we enlighten our minds to perceive, not only what is said, but what is not said.



The goal of this site is to help the reader establish real communication with others. Whether that be in business, school, public speaking or family. I truly consider myself a humble student of this subject. I believe a qualified teacher must always be an excellent student of what they teach. Once we feel we know everything, we will soon find we don’t know enough.

This is why you will find references to other works created by others I believe are more qualified than myself. At the same time you can feel comfortable that what you are reading is backed up by the latest understanding on the subject.

Of course, If you ever have questions or comments, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to either answer them or at least forward you to a source who can answer effectively.

All the best,

Monty G. Murray


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